Harsh refuses saying they are the ones who built the hospital and made it so successful. Abhimanyu comes there and they ask him to come to the hospital with them to check the arrangements for Founder's day. Abhimanyu apologises to Akshara and leaves. 

The next day, Abhimanyu is seen doing his prayers and heard saying that he is worried about the day. Later, at the breakfast table, Harsh is sure that the founder's day celebration will be a success. Mahima then asks Manjari if she is coming, but Harsh tells her that there is no need. 

Abhimanyu comes there and tells him she can rightfully come as the hospital has been made on her father's land, and if not that then as his mother she must come. Harsh then asks Neil for the list of doctors who are invited for the celebration.  

Manjari is shocked to hear this and Akshara can sense the tension. Manjari goes to get something from the kitchen and is crying wondering if the secret will be out.   Akshara tells her that she can share with her if anything is upsetting her, but Manjari leaves from there.