Later, Abhimanyu comes to talk to Akshara but leaves as she doesn't come. Akshara then goes to the room and tells Abhimanyu that she should have been angry with him, not the other way round.  They then get into a fun argument and spend some quality moments together before Neil comes and tells them that Manjari has called them. 

Meanwhile, Manjari has the adoption papers in her hand and is tearing it but Harsh comes there. She puts it in the garbage and asks for help to burn it. But she accidentally leaves one paper. Later, Akshara gets ready and calls Abhimanyu.   Mahima taunts her that since it's not the Birla hospital where she is working she will have to go on time. 

Harsh too taunts her. But Akshara tells them she wants to create her identity. Aanand wishes her the best and asks them also to wish her.  Abhimanyu comes to her but Akshara accidentally drops her papers and the adoption papers that Manjari was trying to hide gets mixed with them. 

Akshara reaches her new workplace and is surprised to see that no doctors are available. The patients are asked to come to a private hospital for treatment. Akshara calls Abhimanyu and asks him if she can send a patient as there are no doctors available. She asks the lady to go to the Birla hospital and when she takes out her file she finds the adoption papers and is shocked to see it.  

But soon she hears Abhimanyu yelling at the hospital that no doctors are available. He threatens to complain about them but Akshara tries to calm him down. The staff then taunts Akshara for calling her husband. She tells Abhimanyu that he shouldn't have done that and they get into an argument. 

Once Akshara reaches home, Harsh shouts at her for calling Abhimanyu to the charitable hospital to help her. She tells them that he came on his own but they don't listen. Manjari tries to comfort her. Later, Harsh informs them that their DNA testing will be done and Manjari gets scared. 

Mahima asks Manjari if she is coming to which Harsh tells her why she needs to come. Abhimanyu tells him that it's her father's land on which the hospital was made and if not that then as his mother she must come. He then asks him about the guestlist and Abhimanyu takes Dr.